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Thread: SIRI Daily Thread Monday 07-29-2013

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    very astute observation Wolf…you may be on to something…..

    numbers always mean something (coming from an accountant) and repeating numbers definitely mean something!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf Child View Post
    Looks like SIRI is right back to buying back shares.

    I have noticed a reoccurring number of shares passing through on the bid over the past couple of months, 662,500.

    When this number goes through it is always followed by a quick pop.

    SIRI has been buying roughly 2 million shares a day on average. I see this 662,500 roughly 3 times a day=1,987,500.

    Oddly, for the first time I just saw 662,500 followed by 1,325,00... still equaling 1,987,500 shares.

    I am convinced this is the buyback in progress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Limit5Bass View Post
    an update in the "other" forum…….ho hum….
    Nice work Bass! I checked out your write up on your site. I may need to take part in some more upside before the fill. I got out too early. Another 15 points or so would not be a bad ride.

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    How Ironic, Howard Stern and Imus, working together again, after working with the legend!!!

    Been checking out some of the patents on the Uconnect system, It's across different brands (Dodge and Lexus), so it makes me think it's not a car manufacturer, been trying to find out who owns the technology behind the head unit, my suspicions are, it's SiriusXM. It never mentions the manufacture for some reason, you'd think whoever it was would want to be recognized, imo it has to do a lot with FM-6, and until it's launched they really don't want the credit, it would be a lot of pressure if everyone knew it all relied on a successful launch to make the plan all come together. There's some killer crap coming our way.

    If it's not us, we're in trouble....

    Understand, I'm not talking about software, It's all about the Hardware....It's time to drop the Hardware!!!

    The charts aren't really telling me skit right now but to be careful, GLA

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