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Thread: Siri daily thread friday 07-26-2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by denco1 View Post
    Anyone see this from yesterday.....FLY ON THE WALL

    Is the 'Fly on the Penis' a reliable source? I thought not... feel free to express your disagreement

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    Sorry Denco... I seemed to have placed my comment within the shaded box containing your comment. Not deliberate... My bad

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    Not much longer before my call for $4's in two months hits, it was around June 12th while I was buying, I called $4 in 2 months when we were in the low $3's and loaded up, things are getting interesting.
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    Not sure about that SS.....seems to be a legitimate source and the headline is pretty straight forward.....but not sure on their rep.

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    Just saw a new Nissan commercial, this craps fixing to blow up imo!!! Gla
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