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Thread: July 24, Why the F!@# Not!

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    Look at Siri trying to Kick it in after hours!!!

    Update on my calls position, up on my $3.50's, down on my $4's. Fingers on the trigger!!!
    Maybe ya'll gap players will get a fill, but I'm hoping it's a lot like the $2.91 gap and I'm fixing to sell instead of buy The MM's have been teasing everyone all week, imo.


    Hope everyone has enjoyed the $3.60's!!! Short term anyway. Time to find a place to lay a new DOG turd!!! GLA

    Nice call Bass, you've for sure been calling for it and rattling sabers. Hope you made some Sirius cheddar man!!! Gl
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    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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    Kudo's to LimitBass on his Facebook call. He hit a home run on that call so CONGRATULATIONS!!! I don't know how many times he mentioned Facebook in chat. Congrats to those that followed LB into this winning trade! Thanks LB for all you do!!!!!!!!
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    Thanks Bass, I sold before I heard back from you @ $31.57 and 31.38 after seeing it back away from $32. Figured why get greedy, a 20% gain in a few minutes today sounded too good not to take. I'll wait to see if it could break $32 or if there will be some profit taking. Now on to SIRI in the morning.

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