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Thread: July 22nd-Run Blue Dog Run

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    July 22nd-Run Blue Dog Run

    Thought I'd get the thread started alittle early...CC coming on the 25th! Any thoughts on how the dog reacts going into CC? I'm primed for a run back into the mid-upper 3.70's...then depending on actual #'s...may see the pullback from this run!! Since they shot their wad with the Sub #'s...not sure what they may have up their sleeve! IF update on Buyback is + the dog may have another leg in it!! Decisions...decisions...

    FYI- just closed on my vacation home in Pagosa Springs, Colorado...thanks Mel, Mr Malone, Bassman, Red, Denco...and the rest of the blue dog family!!! Ya'll's unselfishness with posting info and explaining charts...allowed many of the rest of us to make some money and learn a great deal!!

    So thanks my friends...

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