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Thread: Having in the Home is Better Than In The Car

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    Having in the Home is Better Than In The Car

    Clever, these satelite radio people. Putting it in cars, to introduce the service - that's how I was introduced to SiriusXM - it came with my '08 Grand Prix. I always thought it was pretty good- although here on L.I. you get drop-outs often enough - I'm guessing everyone does, at least when passing large structures. But I always thought it would be REALLY good if it was in my home. But it's kind of funny the way it's being marketed. It's like it was meant mainly for cars, but you can get a little receiver with a crappy antennae from that has a `Home Docking' `Kit' - like the home installation was an afterthought.

    I have a very good stereo sound system at home - a Bryston Power amp, and Thiel CS 3.5 speakers. I just got finished setting up a necessary outdoor antennae, having found a `sweet spot' where it pulls in a steady, 3-bar signal.
    I am now in RADIO HEAVEN!
    Sure, it's a little compressed, but so is FM, and with satellite radio you have a WAY better signal-to-noise ratio. Pretty low distortion, like maybe low-compression MP3, or maybe a little better- but of course that's all subjective. And no commercials. And all those channels. THIS is the way to go. I would say that if for some reason I could not afford both the car AND the home subscriptions, the CAR will go back to its FM and nice 6-disc CD changer. I mean, the car's system is really not at all bad, but the home system is , of course way better.

    Now I realize not everyone has a really great sound system at home, but still, doesn't it make more sense to have the better radio in the home- not the car? I don't get it. I mean, sure it's a great way to get customers - putting it preinstalled in new car, but I would think SiriusXM would want to promote the hell out of home use. As you go about your chores, there's always great music playing in the background - you just have to be careful you don't find yourself wandering into the room with the sound, sitting down, and just listening - that's already happened to me. I think this is just the best way to enjoy this service; I highly recommend it.

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    We have both car and home radios. I like both of them equally. It's great to be able to listen to good music while doing chores around the house!

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