May 15, 2013

I have a lifetime subscription (Sirius Premier) -

May 15, 2013 called Sirius on the phone about getting Sirius radio on my devices.
Was told I had to change accounts, and for $14.99 per-month receive the internet radio service.

July 19, 2013 (Today); Logged into my account and saw an offer to add Premium
Internet Radio for $3.50 per month. Had a chat with a Sirius person who confirmed.

I then called Sirius Radio and was told that internet radio on a 'device' not a PC/Mac
was free with my premier lifetime subscription. I then downloaded the app and
received an error logging-in, indicating I was not eligible to receive internet radio with
my current subscription.

Sirius customer service then came back and said that, yes for $3.50 a month I can
get the service. Just add this on-line. So I went online and selected premium internet
radio. The cost $9.99 per/month. Whoa -

OK, back to the phone. The customer service rep says, yes $3.50 a month is correct.

She said there must be a glitch

I signed up for the service on the phone, $37.49 for the year.

But really, is it training? Is it a way to lead the public consumer astray