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Thread: Hump the SM Wednesday!! 7/17/2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by Limit5Bass View Post
    It's 11 am and I'm starting the thread….c'mon now…….everybody's got some form of input to provide…..cough it up now!!

    ok, so does anyone want to thank me for the ONVO trade saying $8 was still in play? At these levels, watch to make sure there are higher highs made on uptrends and higher lows made on pullbacks……that can help you get out and lock in profits….

    Quote Originally Posted by SlapShot27 View Post
    "Hump the Schnitzelman" on Hump Day. That is terrifically funny!

    Article in this months Popular Science mag about 3D printing... mentions ONVO a few times

    Nice Thread BassMan!!......awesome call on the man!!

    Out, but checking in and wanted to chime in......GLTA and tks to all for the input.....BASSMAN!!!!!!!!!!!...later all

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