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Thread: Book Radio Canceled? Now its Rural Radio? Seriously?

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    Thumbs down Book Radio Canceled? Now its Rural Radio? Seriously?

    Rural Radio?.... RURAL Radio? And this replaces the Book Radio Channel? What middle management idiots came up with this?

    Youv'e got 50-60 music stations, news and talk stations that cover pretty much every subject and Sports channels coming out the ying yang and you can't hang on to one little channel like Book Radio? And worse. You go to the complete and extreme opposite with Rural Radio? Really? What are you people smoking before those weekly management meetings because I want a hit!

    You had a channel that catered to people with a brain and you not only tossed it, you gave me one more reason not to spend more money on you nit wits.

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    Book radio was one of the only reasons I subscribe(d) to XM, and I am in shock that it was replaced by the utterly ridiculous and awful "rural radio". The genius that came up with this move is also the genius who is going to be responsible for subscriptions getting cancelled - news and sports is easy to come by on FM and AM and deciding to ax Book Radio destroys part of the unique content of satellite radio.

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    book radio/modern radio shows

    Sad to see not many seem to care that Book Radio was cancelled. I too enjoyed it. I wonder if somehow the modern radio shows Like Twilight Zone etc can have a channel even if part time? I loved those.
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    Seriously, the only decent channel on Sirius and you take it away. I so so miss book radio!!

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    I feel as though SiriusXM ambushed me right after I paid for a lifetime subscription based on my fondness for a good story on Book Radio. I guess my only recourse is to sell my stock (SIRI) and make my feelings known everywhere on the interweb I can find.
    You can do the same. If enough folks complain, and SiriusXM feels their profits are in jeapordy, They just might give us back our Book Radio.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cosmicintergalactic View Post
    If enough folks complain, and SiriusXM feels their profits are in jeapordy, They just might give us back our Book Radio.
    It has happened before. A couple of channels were brought back after being cancelled, albeit as internet channels only.
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    I don't mind that there is a all farm and ranch news channel, after all with out them we would be hungry.
    What I do mind, is that they had to completely do away with Book Radio, rather than move it to another channel, which they have plenty of unused channels.
    And when you ask their fb customer service idiots , why it was canceled, all you can get is, we have no plans to bring it back.
    Ok please give me the contact info to those who can give me the answer.
    We are sorry we do not have that information.
    What a crock of crap.

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    WHY HAVE WE GIVEN UP ON GETTING BOOK RADIO BACK? shouldn't we be standing up for our rights as subscribers? Why do they get to decide what WE pay for? Rural Radio paid for that channel... They have no listeners, no following, why? Because am radio in the Midwest is flooded with farm reports and farm news because that is where it matters... WE should be demanding more original programming not just cheap ass canned music stations that I can get commercial free anyway, and sports stations that are broadcast over the air free with better commercials than SXM.... Let's stand up for ourselves here!!!

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    I have not given up. I post daily on the SiriusXM Main facebook page. I was told all requests have to be logged and sent to programming. It doesn 't help if Todd and myself are the only ones who ask. Just keep it respectful and they wont ban you for spamming.

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