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Thread: 7/16/13 Tuesdays gone with the wind

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    7/16/13 Tuesdays gone with the wind

    Train rolls on. On down the line

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    All indicators are on the verge of indicating a sell, imo. Sold my frigging sept. $3.50's @ .28, frigging stop got taken out before I could get to it, couldn't stand being all cash so jumped back in with 1k contracts, $4 strikes @ .10, let's roll the dice. If it drops down, I'll average down with all this powder I'm holding. If we show some strength, I may jump on the $3.50's again, it's deeper in the money and will move more closely with SIRI. Sucks they sold cause I will lose that commission unless I can get them for .27 or lower, because in the Grand Scheme of Things I feel we can't be at the top even tho all indicators are showing it.
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    Weesa beeza at a crossroad,...GLA
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    as the tumbleweeds blow with the wind…..

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