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Thread: SIRI Daily Thread 7/09/13

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    Quote Originally Posted by siriusly_invested View Post
    Hi guys, all I want to say is for RAD to please give us a couple day's notice next time when one of his picks is going to go over the top. I'm in the same boat as Denco in that I dumped my ONVO a couple months ago when it appeared it was going no where. So much for my wisdom. Now if only there will be a correction so we can get on that train before it runs off into the stars.

    Looks like you guys holding SIRI are having a decent day too.

    For me, I've been dabbling in companies invested in the Bakken oil fields since Obummer took dead aim at coal-fired energy. Two investments making me feel lucky are MDU and CHK, each playing significantly in Natural Gas, but with MDU diversified so as to smooth out the dips should natural gas take a dump as it did last winter when there was a glut on the market caused by the mild temperatures. I'm experiencing a constant ascent in both of those issues, now yielding about 10% gains since my entry a couple weeks ago. I also made a profitable exit on LEDS a couple weeks ago (with 30%+ gains in a month), and now have re-entered as earnings are due out in two days and prospects look good for a positive stroke there.
    In the meantime, with the market being a bit slow of late, I'm taking advantage of opportunity to hone my golfing and fly fishing skills while maintaining only quick glances on the market. I'll try to pop in more often as things begin to pick up this quarter.

    SLY-If I could give a couple days notice before a stock goes "over the top" I would have retired a long time ago. When I saw the news this AM, it was up 10% already. I did mention a month or so ago, maybe longer, they were cleaning up there balance sheet and getting rid of the outstanding warrants used to finance their start-up in preparation for up-listing. To me it was not if but when, and it turns out is it 7/11/13 , announced today. It was 10% less than it is now when I posted on this board, for what its worth. Already a bit of profit taking off the high of $5.08 today. Frankly, I see $10 by end of year, slow and steady with less volatility on the NYSE. My opinion only. I have been in this one since the reverse merger going public and I just like the companies mission and product. The potential to make tubular vascular grafts out of human cells/tissue to bypass blocked ones is enormous.

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    Amazon offers downloads of W. Edward Olmstead's Options for the Beginner and Beyond: Unlock the Opportunities and Minimize the Risks eBook for Kindle for free. That's $21 under the lowest price we could find for a physical copy of this book. A Kindle reader, or Kindle-enabled device, is required to download and read this eBook.

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    Didn't sell people, think we got one more day in us
    I started my Sept. 21, 2013 calls position with a $3.50 strikeprice on June 7th, and went all in loading up on anything I could get my hands on, I'm up 53% right now, not to shabby Options are for sure, a good idea to learn for anyone actively trying to learn better skills to increase profits, and really, I have always wondered why a lot of the vettes on here, never seemed to trade them.... 10K in a day, I'll take that, Ca-Ching!!! It's been a killer day!!!

    I quit playing all other stocks, breaks my concentration, would rather just focus on one. Besides, I can make just as much money if not more, taking the same amount of risk or less, with a company I know is here for the long haul, and isn't going into oblivion any time soon. It just makes more sense to me.

    Edit: Anybody know what the timeframe is for having to report buyback shares, I sure hope they were buying when I was?

    Edit: @Rad, I'm still holding some greens too, one day hopefully the day will come, as Jim Cramer would say, "It's a lottery ticket!!!" Them some good links it looks like, sure wish I had a kindle or a nook. Looks like some good info. Sure wish I could read that Gap one.
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