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Thread: Siri daily thread 07/02/2013

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    Siri daily thread 07/02/2013

    Morning SIRILAND!

    Auto #s out this morning. Maybe a little Holiday run in store for the Dog??


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    Good morning Denco!! I was looking at the weekly chart for SIRI and that sure is a nice looking "Bullish Engulfing Candlestick" for last week on greater than normal volume……are the good times just around the corner?
    Quote Originally Posted by denco1 View Post
    Morning SIRILAND!

    Auto #s out this morning. Maybe a little Holiday run in store for the Dog??


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    Where is everyone? I guess everyone is in SIRI chat. Congrats to those that had the patience and held SIRI. Looking good so far.

    Major U.S. stock markets will close early at 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday July 3, for the Independence Day holiday. The Extended Hours session will be available from 1-4 p.m. ET.

    All major stock markets will be closed on Thursday July 4.

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    Bass, regarding, FB...from my view their most impressive innovations are on the technical side. I may be biased though with a background as a systems engineer. Check out this article. They also rewrote the PHP stack to optimize for their application, which is no small feat.

    These innovations don't necessarily have a game-changing impact on their bottom line but if their head of business development is half as smart as their engineering team, they may be able to pull something off to have a meaningful impact on the stock price.

    If they had the inclination to do so, they really could put a big dent in Cisco and HP through a spinoff that develops and sells networking and server hardware. They're getting a lot bigger bang for the buck with their designs that break the traditional data center models.
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    Wow...15.9 SAAR and we cant even get a nibble over here!!

    Bass...I sure hope your correct in the prospects of the blue dog going on another run!!


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    Imo, we are gonna move up short term til we come in contact with the upper BB, that would definitely make me put my finger on the trigger, because I feel we got one more pull back in us before CC, one last headfake for the road. Jmho I'll be contemplating shedding some once we get $3.58/.60ish, but that was the plan to begin with. My call is, we will see 3.58 at least, and pull back to 3.50-3.45 sitting us on oversold, right where I would want us. Because I want the next move to be on strength and a strong foundation. I'm thinking $3.85 to $4 isn't outa the question in the near future and August, if everything goes right, is poised to be one to remember. Anyway, I ain't thinking about selling til we see somewhere around $3.58!!!


    Here's a bears' chance, a big fat honeybun!!!
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