Satellite Radios are still not very prevalent in the used car market. A friend who sells used cars in the Florida Panhandle tells me that he has not thus far dealt with any sales involving a used vehicle with either XM or SIRI radio installed. He has been an alcoholic/gambler/used car salesman in different markets for 30 years.

Sky, an exotic dancer, bought a used Chrylser with SIRI installed. She let the sub lapse. She seemed bewildered by the satellite radio. She said that it had too many channels. The vehicle also had AM/FM radio with which she was already familiar. She was comfortable with FM.

To me, these anecdotes represent a bright future for SIRIXM. The market is wide open. When today's new cars hit the used car market, more and more customers will be exposed to SIRIXM. Intellectually and/or technically challenged persons like Sky will learn to use SIRIXM when their friends have it and talk about it.

If SIRIXM would open a free (advertising supported) band of channels people like Sky could be persuaded by advertising to buy or keep an existing sub. SIRIXM could pound them with its own ads among paid ads!