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Thread: 16-25-13, Tuesday, Lets do this Skit!!!

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    16-25-13, Tuesday, Lets do this Skit!!!

    Looks like today is gonna a Hot one, and I ain't talking about the weather.
    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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    It's not looking as hot as it should. Only up a penny and the dow is fading.

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    Do not be fooled. We are in a correction. Trade like you mean it.

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    Things looked pretty good when the S&P 500 was well over 1600. Now it is at 1585, looking at 1600 as "resistance" rather than "support", so in my nimble little treasure trove of Technical Analysis skills, I'd say now is not the time to think about buying. I know this little uptic is tempting but this could be merely a little head fake by the bears for the explicit purpose of luring in our money before they take it back down. My money says to do some research and locate issues I might like to add to my portfolio but hold off in my purchase decisions until I see that S&P firmly breaking back through 1600.

    BTW, for those of you who might have been brave or lucky like me to have held your FSLR, did you note the $5 rebound in the last two days on the heels of Obummer's climate control stance? I also have begun to look with interest on CHK, a prominent natural gas producer with a right to a monstrous quantity of untapped supplies in the Bakken. Another is MDU with about 50% of its futures being in natural gas, the remainder in construction materials (gravel, sand, cement, etc.), so they aren't quite so vulnerable in case of another natural gas glut like last winter which was mild and offered reduced demand for heating fuel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by midas360 View Post
    It's not looking as hot as it should. Only up a penny and the dow is fading.
    Maybe I over emphasized HOT Buy the bargains while their hot then!!!

    Bank of America Reiterates Buy Rating on Sirius XM Radio on Buying Opportunity
    Dwight Einhorn, Benzinga Staff Writer
    June 24, 2013 11:11 AM

    In a report published Monday, Bank of America analyst Jessica Reif Cohen reiterated a Buy rating and $4.00 price target on Sirius XM Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI [FREE Stock Trend Analysis]).

    In the report, Bank of America noted, “Our SIRI thesis is buttressed by: (1) the company's unique competitive position (Pandora, Spotify, Apple, etc., not true threats in our view); (2) rapid growth despite a large sub base; (3) low churn, indicative of a highly inelastic business; (4) a unique cost structure, heavily fixed in nature, yielding best-in-class contribution margins; (5) improving financials, with EBITDA margins likely to exceed the company's LT goal of 40% (1Q'13 was a record for both nominal EBITDA dollars and margins, which reached 30%); (6) reasonable valuation considering outsized growth relative to the media industry; (7) an improving auto-market (BofAML auto analyst John Murphy maintains his bullish outlook, projecting SAAR to reach 18mn by 2018); and (8) a relatively untapped secondary-auto opportunity (we give the company little credit for the ~35mn secondary autos sold every year in the U.S.). SIRI has surpassed virtually all fundamental projections we have made since reinstating coverage in Oct. 2012, and appears to be gaining momentum (FCF guidance was recently raised, from $900mn in CY ‘13E to $915mn).”

    Sirius XM Radio closed on Friday at $3.15.

    Read more:

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    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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