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Thread: 6/20/13 Hello Hello

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    6/20/13 Hello Hello

    Bob A Booie

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    For those that don't visit the other thread normally, at least follow the linkā€¦..

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    It's game night, good luck my friends whoever your rooting for, it ought to be a good one. Who's gonna take a stand and flex their muscles? Who's gonna have to buy the beer Denco or Sly? It's a good matchup.

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    Well we get a green Friday, I'm calling the bottom $3.18 +/- .02, -.02 and we bounce that much harder. But the fact is we are as close to the bottom as you can get and anything under $3.30 is a steal, imo. Ride or die!!!

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    Forgot to put my orders in this AM...missed the first dip down to 3.25!!! Was suprised later when I checked the markets and found the dog hovering around 3.25/3.26!! Picked up the shares I sold at 3.39 and 3.44 with several hundred more!!

    Will be loading up if the dog hits 3.20!!

    Tonights game should be epic...who wants it more!!! Did the Heat shoot their load on the comeback...or did the Spurs crap their pants after the loss...we'll no the answer soon enough!!


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