I'm a long time user of Sirius and have installed several receivers in the past.

Long story short.
Installed a Pioneer deck with a SXV200v1 SiriusXM receiver. Got it activated and has been working fine for a few months. Couple days ago I had to do some work on my car and had the battery disconnected for a few hours. After that the receiver lost it's subscription and only gets channel 0 (zero) and 1.

I attempted to send a refresh to the receiver 3x over a couple of hours time. No change.
Then I called Sirius, got the typical robot support only to end the day in the same situation.

Today I strapped on my climbing boots for the long haul. Ended up at tech support only for them to tell me I needed to take the SXV200v1 receiver to a stereo shop and have a "hard reset" performed on it. When I interrogated the support person on exactly what that detailed all I got was (what I think) a non descriptive BS answer.

Is there any such thing as a "hard reset"? If so, is this something I can do on my own.

And yes I defaulted/reset my deck and unplugged the SXV200v1 for a few hours during my own troubleshooting process.

Thanks in advance for any help.