Before I could even pour my fist cup of coffee this morning, the wife reminded me I need to put out our flag. I was at a total loss as to why until she told me it is Flag Day. Does anybody here know the significance of Flag Day? No, it's not to celebrate the Heat victory over the Spurs last night; it recognizes the birth of our Stars and Stripes on this date in 1777. So, out went the flag, then I poured my cup of morning stimulation, and sat down to marvel at the headlines in today's sports section of the local rag.

Now it is a three game series. I hope the remainder will be as entertaining and sportsmanlike as the one last night.

Er, anybody here have any optimism for gains in the market today? Not me. Good luck and congrats if you happen to end the week on a high note in your portfolio.

As for my response to how I will approach LEDS........ I think I'll wait for the next takedown and try to buy back in at the lower trend line.