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Thread: SIRI stock talk, Wednesday, June 12

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    Dont get me wrong...Lebron is a great player...only time will tell if he can carry this team on his back to the promised land! brother-in-law was the sound guy who put this video together for the NBA!!


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    been busy working on a new business venture & haven't checked in for a while...--- aYup...retirement didn't last long...

    rather than wade through all of the posts (drink!), I tend to do the search thing to see if anyone commented towards me or posed a question that I might would be able to answer w/out getting too deep into things...

    I got a kick out of the link below

    Otherwise, I've been putting in 18 hour days for the past month or so & haven't much time otherwise. response:

    might done did shave a few at $3.57...I had planned on being present and shooting for the $3.60+ but decided to not sweat it and just put it in slightly below the pivot.

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