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Thread: SIRI stock talk, Wednesday, June 12

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    Remember SIRI spent nearly no time in the 3.25s-3.30s. It was bound to happen. That's around the 50% retrace from the latest run too I believe

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    This is about making money and nothing else.. I don't want anyone to get up set, but 3.25 is here. Im just sharing info. This is where Sirius has support. This is where it gets tricky. We should bounce here, if we don't bounce and 3.25 breaks, watch out below.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackweed View Post
    yeah Bravo called it. it hit $3.25 thinking of jumping in again. sucks i bought the other day at $3.44 though. guess i'll just have to accrue some margin interest on that purchase
    Thanks Jackweed and Denco

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bravo863 View Post
    Thanks Jackweed and Denco

    Bought AT 3.25, held for a nbit, just broke down to 3.22, hope THIS holds.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackweed View Post
    yeah Bravo called it. it hit $3.25 thinking of jumping in again. sucks i bought the other day at $3.44 though. guess i'll just have to accrue some margin interest on that purchase

    I've bought a lot over the past week unfortunately including some this morning at 3.29. I guess I'll be sitting on these shares for a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sundeeez View Post
    Denco, your obviously a pretty smart basketball fan so why make the Lebron/MJ comparison? Why does anyone? They are two completely different players. We should all enjoy the BEST all around player we've all seen in quite some time. I'm sorry he's not Kobe or MJ. I've never seen a player hated so much for never doing anything bad. We all know what Kobe did back in the day but he never was hated as much as lebron is now.

    Anyways I like the heat but above all I'm a basketball fan.

    Pivotal game 4 will be tight. No blowouts. And lebron is due for a breakout game.
    I made the comparision last night, and I wasn't hating Lebron, I like Lebron, he has the potential.
    Everyone said Kobe was the next MJ, he wasn't no MJ. Mj will go down in the books with the likes of Wilt Chaimberlan, Dr. J

    I was just saying I can't wait for the next player to come out and take the game to another level, I would love for it to be Lebron, I want Basketball to be exciting again. Dominate
    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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    I loaded up the rest of the truck today. We are sitting on a bounce, imo, the question is. Is it tomorrow, Friday or Monday?

    Sly, I hope you took profits or had some trailing stops set, started to tell you last night you ought to pull some off, but wasn't sure how it would be taken, so I didn't. I'm all in on siri now.
    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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    @ Denco,
    You remember back in the day when the Bulls would be down by 50 in a playoff game, and Mj would come out of the locker room and dominate after halftime. He would dig deep and get the job done. The Spurs are a seasoned team. If Labron wants his team to win, and make his name mean something, he better gain his composer, and do what all the greats have done, dominate... I hope he does. If I was a gambling man I'd put my money on the Spurs, I learned long ago don't bet on the underdog. But I like the heat because they got Lebron, and he's the only shot I see right now in the NBA, to bring basketball back, he's got some big shoes to fill before he deserves the name King, that's a fact. But I'm rooting for him, he seems like a good guy. But if he wants it, he's gonna have to take it, just like the rest did.
    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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    Rad, Glad to see your still in action, was worried about ya...

    I'm loaded to the gills with Sept. 13's calls, gettem while there cheap IMO
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    Lebron wouldn't last 1 hour with Pop as his coach!!! The first time Pop got in his face...he would shut down...tune him out...Pop would tell Lebron to shove "the King" crap up his arse!!! Pop doesn't tolerate the primadona BS!!! Spolestra said it in the post game...Lebron will figure it out...meaning...uncoachable or wont listen!!

    If the Spurs cont to play Spurs defense...and shoot the ball relatively Buck Harvey would know the rest of the story!!


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