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Thread: SIRI stock talk, Wednesday, June 12

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    SIRI stock talk, Wednesday, June 12

    First of all to Denco and all other Spurs fans, congrats on that absolute blow out last night. It was so exciting for this "Heat fan" house that we shut it off and went to bed midway through the 4th. And before that, we commented that the most enjoyable moment was at halftime when the "airhead" blond reporter asked Coach "Pop" to reveal his strategy for the 2nd half........ to which he simply said "I can't tell you that".......... DUH. What kind of question was that?

    Anyway, obviously I hope a different Heat team will show up on Thursday night.......... My heart says it ought to me more like game one but with the Heat winning by a small margin.

    Looks like the market is making a bit of a rebound this morning, with SIRI also up by a couple of ticks. Good Luck to all.

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    Morning SLY

    Looks like we started the thread at the same time. I will copy my post over here. Thanks, yes my Spurs played well. THE KING was a no show. He will play better but he is no JORDAN, that's for sure.
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    Copied from the thread I started. I will try and delete it.

    Good morning All!

    My Spurs laid it down on THE KING. We win big but none of our guys pound their chests like KING KONG LABRON did on Sunday. We played through the post early with TIM getting off. That opened things up a bit and our shooters were on. JAMES (The KING) has not scored over 18 in any of the 3 games. Leonard, Green and good team defense is playing a big part in that.

    @RC.....I agree 100%, he is no JORDAN, in fact he can't even hold Jordan's Jock. There is no way Jordan would be playing like this in his prime. He didn't go to the line AT ALL in game 3......are you FNG kidding me, KING JAMES...HA.
    He will play better going forward but he has shown that he can still be dictated to by a good game plan, contrary to his statements before game 1.


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    That POP response was classic SLY. He is entertaining all by himself with his answers during those bits.

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    Good morning all. Good luck today...

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    Denco, your obviously a pretty smart basketball fan so why make the Lebron/MJ comparison? Why does anyone? They are two completely different players. We should all enjoy the BEST all around player we've all seen in quite some time. I'm sorry he's not Kobe or MJ. I've never seen a player hated so much for never doing anything bad. We all know what Kobe did back in the day but he never was hated as much as lebron is now.

    Anyways I like the heat but above all I'm a basketball fan.

    Pivotal game 4 will be tight. No blowouts. And lebron is due for a breakout game.

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