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Thread: June 11 tues. I-Radio? Will it impact share price?

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    June 11 tues. I-Radio? Will it impact share price?

    Haw far down will we go today? Do we bounce back? Stay tuned

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    Morning everyone. I think that all the talk and news with the new apple music is going to drive the stock down for the moment. 3.25 today maybe lower good luck everyone

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    No volume to the downside. So, unless they are trying to lure in the suckers before the rug pull, we may have seen the lows at the lower BB and 50 sma. If the Macro drops another 100 or so then a retest of lasts weeks lows could come into play. 3.28 seems to be a BIG #.

    EDIT: 50 sma a bit lower at 3.29. We hit the 50 ema at 3.34
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    Look at everytime AAPL says the MIGHT start a radio thingy P takes a 10% dump. It's happened twice in the last year I think.

    But SIRI has content that no one else has. Like Denco said there's no volume on the ride down.

    LEDS broke through that 1.95 resistance....

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    Sundeeez, we have the same heat here in Boca......... was in mid-90's on the course yesterday and thanks to a bit of sea breeze it was tolerable. OT..... for golfers who might not know...... Go to for discount pricing.......... We're playing private and semi-private clubs here in our off season with tee times half price via Golfnow.

    LEDS has hit 2.08 this morning in spite of the overall market turndown. Not thinking of selling yet, but might consider a trailing stop at these levels.

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    New Sabbath F'n awesome.

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    Tune in now

    That's some big stats for Duncan Denco!!! He's definitely a vet!!! Watching now. Who wants it the most? Labron ain't no Michael Jordan, looks like Sly is gonna be buying those brewskies, imo I got to put my money on the Vettes.
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    Wow...beat the Heat by 36!!! Sucks that no one is watching the boring Spurs in the Finals...RAINING 3'S from all over the place...Oh well...

    With the way the markets are bouncing all around...I can see SXM dropping to 3.25 and bouncing with the mains!!!


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