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Thread: JUNE 10th

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    JUNE 10th

    Wake up guys!

    Heat turned up the ......heat last night! Lebrons block was one for the ages last night.

    Got some SIRI at 3.33 last week. Had a 3.28 buy in and no luck.

    BTW if anyone is looking to visit a smaller European city I highly recommend Dusseldorf, Germany. Awesome people, good looking women, literally hundreds of bars, and super safe. Go in the summer tho.

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    Sundeeez, you and I must have similar tastes....... I visited Frankfurt some years ago and came home with such a feeling of enlightenment and appreciation for a wonderful community. If ever I take another trip to Europe, it will be to Germany.

    Oh yes, my Heat turned it on last night. Cant wait to see how they do on the Spurs home court tomorrow night.

    I spent the day celebrating on the golf course today.......... had one of my better games.

    Since I don't have my mind sights on SIRI right now, while it seems to be in a sideways consolidation mode of late, I marvel at my selection in that little LEDS stock from afar............... I took a significant position a couple weeks ago at a little under $1.40. Today it hit $1.96 and closed at $1.91. To me this has been a great reward for the dry powder gleaned from my SIRI sale a few weeks ago. and frankly, has out performed if I had left it in SIRI.

    Hey I will be quick to admit that it was SIRI which enabled me to reach out and smell some new beds of roses. So far, I cannot complain at all. Good luck to all of you who continue to play the SIRI fortunes. In the end you will be justly rewarded.

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    I missed the game Sundeeez, but from what I heard it was pretty good. Nice pick up on the 3.33's I bought some calls last Wednesday the day we went to 3.30, that was very lucrative, sold them Friday. Picked some more up today. GL
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    The Heat sure were pretty frisky last night SLY.....congrats. They did what they had to do. A second home court loss would have been a big problem. Now the Spur's need to show what they're made of. A loss for my Spur's Tuesday would be problematic coming off the Sundays Beat down.


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    RC, did you stay with your position in LEDS? Shame on you if you unloaded.

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    SLY, I played alil golf today as well. It's starting to heat up up here in Tampa.

    I averaged in on LEDS around 1.48. Haven't sold yet.

    Shoulda sold those 3.33s on Friday at 3.50 I guess oh well.

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    Yeah I unloaded last week Sly, and bought Siri in the $3.29-$3.30 range and sold in the $3.50's range, all's good, nice profits for both, way to make that money. Loaded back up today, guns blazing, with powder to spare, if we hit the lower BB, I'll add to my position.
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