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Thread: Installed a new V200 and I have an activation question

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    Installed a new V200 and I have an activation question

    Yesterday I installed a new aftermarket headunit in my car along with a new V200 SiriusXM tuner. I was playing around with the new headunit and tried out the siriusXM which oddly works without any activation or subscription. I am able to receive all the channels loud and clear through my new radio. I assume this to be temporary? How long will it stay on without activation? I am considering retuning the tuner as I'm not 100% sure I would actually use it all that much. I just got it with my new radio and installed it while I had everything apart incase I ever decided to subscribe, but I didn't expect to have access to the content immediately. I thought I had to call a number to activate the radio first before being able to listen to the content? Anyone else have any similar experiences? Thanks

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    This is not typical. SiriusXM periodically sends out a test signal to check subscription status so, if you leave the unit turned on, it will eventually lose the service when they realize you do not have an active subscription. If it doesn't turn off, you have found the golden ticket.
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