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Thread: SIRI daily thread, Tuesday, May 28

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    SIRI daily thread, Tuesday, May 28

    Okay Denco, it is "game on"........... at least I hope so as I'm pulling for the Heat to be in the finals with your Spurs.

    On another note, I hope everyone made it out of the long weekend in one piece and that your holiday grub and grog was as delightful as mine.

    Now, with Futures coming on strong already this morning, it appears at least from the onset that this could be a good day in the market.

    Good luck to all.

    PS. CLR, are you a daddy yet?

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    Morning SLY and All!!

    Nice green day in the markets. Hope everyone is participating in the gains as I am. SIRI got its double top break on the High/Low and looks to want to test a bit higher.

    Yes, SLY, it's time for my Spurs to get their rest and await there Finals opponent. The HEAT seem to be in the drivers seat. Game on indeed my friend. The OG BIG 3 up against the NEW BIG 3........I anxiously await.....GLTA

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    Yes....yes..yes..yes....The ole Closet Ploy...yes yes

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    What a GREEN day. Maybe this market will keep going up. My city has huge growth everywhere I look . Is this correction ever going to happen?

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    I keep reading about a lot of money still on the sidelines. Everyone waiting for this not coming....then they take any sort of down day as an entry point. Reading that that sort of action is going to keep this bull run going. Also, a lot of people are still me that's healthy. When everyone is bullish I will get worried and start thinking exit strategy.

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    Just got thru loading the truck

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    Regarding "money still on the sidelines", I continue to think that many are simply trying to figure out the best new market to play in. For example, not a lot has been said about nor thought to be lucrative in the oil/gas industry. At least not until lately when I'm starting to sense a warming up to "Fracking", for example, as companies try to find a way to uncap and profit in that liquid gold. One article this weekend caught my eye on this subject as it appears GE has begun pouring dozens of billions into this market niche, and buying up companies with specific expertise in it. Not that GE intends on going into the oil producing business, rather it hopes to be instrumental in helping to unlock the bonds and open the way for that industry again to be a real money maker. Consequently, I think it might behoove us to keep an ear to the ground in hopes of picking up on some of the next wave of ventures into that niche. I suspect it won't be long before we'll begin to see many new companies enter into the Fracking process, and when we do, then there is apt to be money in them thar hills for those of us with the resources and nerve to take advantage.

    PS. In a related story, take a look at NORX on the OTB at 88 cents today, up 3% after news of a new drilling target in the Bakken: Also notice rapid stock price rise in last three months from 35 to 88 cents.
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    Loaded up on some Aug 13' $3 calls today @ .61, I gotta feeling somethings cooking. With FM-6 scheduled to launch July 13, 2013 and next CC coming approx. Aug 5, I can't help but feel we are headed higher, tho I still feel we may see a dip in June, I'm not so sure, this Beotch is acting like it wants to run some more, imo. Jan 14' $3 calls continue their phenomenal rise, sitting at 112% gain and Jan 14' $1's are at 52.81% gain, both since Nov., while siri hard shares are sitting @ 17.79% gain, cost basis $3.04, not too shabby, or I can't complain anyway, I'm gonna stick with the for sure winner, instead of taking chances on a could be. When the correction comes, I will bail with everything but my long shares and even them if I feel the need, and buy back when the fear and the fear mongers come out. There's plenty of ways to invest in siri and make bacoodles of bucks, imo. GLA


    And with that, I say goodbye my friends, I'm fixing to go where people talk Siri. Only one other person besides me even mentioned Siri today. It's become an ongoing disappointment. Hope you all the best. It's time to move on.
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    What the hey RC. You gonna ditch your presence in this place for a place which has but one member comment, and that being in the pre-market? You must be smoken something which causes mixed signals. Maybe you ought to reconsider.

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