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Thread: SIRI Daily Thread... Friday, May 24

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    Morning SLY and All

    Happy Memorial Day to all especially those who have served our country....thank you.

    What a game for your HEAT SLY. Looks like they had focus and purpose. Will be interesting to see if the Pacers can bounce back tomorrow night. Willl be a rough one for my Spurs tonight. A close out on the road in the WCF is no easy task.

    Check you all out later.

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    'morning Denco, and to all other SB'ers tuning in today. First, let me also pay tribute on this day of thankfulness to those who gave their all to save our freedom........ We proudly fly "Old Glory" at our front door, especially on this day of honor. (and we frown at those who seem to have as little regard for "flag etiquette" as they profess for the true meaning of this day) As a veteran and a person who loves this country, I'm appalled at how many of our neighbors think this is a weekend set aside strictly to celebrate the beginning of summer, the launching of the family boat, opening of the backyard pool, and general excuse to host a backyard BBQ or picnic at the park.

    And yes, my Heat showed what they are made of last night. I guess it's been some time since we've seen such an efficient demonstration of play. I look forward to another win tomorrow night and then the opportunity to put a cap on the Eastern Conference with a win at home after that. And from the looks of how the Spurs are playing, I'm guessing we'll be pitted against one another, Denco, in the Championship series. I'll bet that will be quite a show.

    I wish everyone a safe and relaxing day today. For me, I hope to cap off the day with a rack of ribs on the grill, baked beans, and corn on the cob. Oh, and there might be an adult beverage or three to go with that as we settle in for the end of this long weekend.

    PS. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to stay awake to root for the Spurs.

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    Quick SIRI look before tomorrows day and before I bolt to get ready for my SPURS....

    High/Low on the verge of a breakout from Fridays close....


    Closing chart from Friday already has broken out and looks to have more room to move up.....


    SIRI riding the 5 sma on the up move and penetrating the 13 only once on this move....


    GL tomorrow folks!!

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