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Thread: SIRI Daily Thread....Oh SchnitzelMan Thursday 5/23/2013

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    Thanks for the chart Sly, your right we all have different strategies but we all share the same goal in the end, I sold the mjna just incase I wanted to average down on Leds or take a new position in Siri, my Jan 14 Siri's are at a 106% and 49% gain now, I'm sure a lot of people would surely take the gains there and I probably should but I'm not as of now. I've been playing around with some different strategies, been doin ok, but nothing has compared with siri, I'm sticking with my Siri trades and diversifying my portfolio with the profits, I think Leds has some potential so I'm not bailing now and if I did, it will be only part of my position. Thanks for the picks, and charts.

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    Ive been a little busy the last couple of weeks and my wife is officially one day overdue so, if anyone needs anything be sure to PM or email me -- I probably wont get a chance to read the threads the next week or two.

    GL all.
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