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Thread: Help with my Sportster R

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    Help with my Sportster R

    My original 2005 Sportster R finally died. It is always acquiring signal. I tried the antenna with a friends newer unit and it works fine. Sirius have tried the master reset and all that. I have the home dock and a boom box that I would like to still continue to use with the new replacement unit. What options do I have that are backwards compatible? The new unit life and signal strength are also a concern. The FM modulator is how it will be hooked up most of the time and this will be 1 of 3 replacements on the lifetime subscription plan.



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    Im pretty sure all the units use a universal pin so the dock should work fine with newer radios but, I'm not positive that the unit will actually fit in the older boombox -- that would depend on the boombox model.

    As far as new plug and play radios go, I think the Starmate and Stratus are the only Sirius radios available.
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