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Thread: Need help choosing radio

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    Need help choosing radio

    Hi Folks,
    I am considering a Sirius radio for my car but I need one that has a volume control on it or one that comes with a remote control that has volume. The reason I need this is because the volume on my (very expensive to replace) car radio is screwy so I have it set to super-loud and use the volume on my attached ipod classic to control overall volume. I spoke with Sirius tech support and they say the only way I can do it is to purchase a home receiver that comes with a remote (Onyx model number XDNX1H1) and a car kit.

    I am curious if anyone knows if this way will actually work or of a different way to achieve this.
    Many thanks,

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    Does your very expensive car radio have a sat option? Why not hook into the factory radio rather than plugging in an add on?
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