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    Quote Originally Posted by siriusly_invested View Post
    funny thing on the way to the office today................ I finally remembered I have an Automatic Payment authorization at PayPal for $50 annual subscription renewal in November which I need to cancel. When I phoned PayPal they confirmed that the payment is set up for BJM (not SWP as I had initially established), but they further verified to me that the payment authorization had been canceled.

    I wonder if anyone else here might have experienced the same scenario. I'm not sure how it got canceled, unless it was by default when you know who changed the name of the payee. I'm glad I'm off that hook, but sort-of bewildered as to how it happened without me knowing.
    Mine was paid until November also and I canceled the automatic payment and someone canceled our subscription. I emailed Brandon and he said I canceled, but all I canceled was my automatic payment. I was no longer able to get on. Don't really miss it, if I wanted to hear someone cry, I would go to the local bar.
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