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Thread: Fat cat friday!!! 5-10-13

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    Fat cat friday!!! 5-10-13

    I feel we take out $3.40 today. We looked real strong yesterday, imo.

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    SIRI holding up real well at these levels. I am leaning towards more upside as well before a pullback. Hopefully we hit 3.50 before we hit 3.25...........

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    anyone ever taken a look at NVLX? Friend of mine recommended it end of March to me and it's done nothing but consistently go up since then and is now worth 100% more. Very low priced penny stock so I'm skeptical but may throw some gamble money at it for hopes of a longer term "surprise" down the road.

    From what I've gathered, they have a proprietary delivery system (encapsulation) for pancreatic cancer treatment which they are now starting to look at other applications for as well. Meaning other cancers this cell encapsulation method could be used to treat.

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    Well we didn't get the $3.40 close, but we did tap that azz a few times today and closed green. Any green day is a good day.

    IKN, I'll have to check it out
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