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Thread: SIRI Daily Thread......... Thursday, May 9, 2013

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    Man have I been loving this GA sun shine
    Siris' running around like a Big dogggg taking a whiz and a dump all up in the upper $3.30's, marking it's territory!!!

    Redcloud rule of investing #431: Never recommend a stock to anyone, unless it's Siri!!! It's a sure bet if there was one. EG: DirectTV/Dish, Iphone/Droid, Satrad is here to stay!!!

    With that being said, I've got one I've been eyeballing, I think RAD noted the stock, GNIN.
    Everything I'm seeing looks like a buy, can't trade afterhours, keeps saying rejected, that sucks. Just bounced off the lower BB, RSI and SLO-STO are near oversold, and MACD is converging upward across the threshold into the positive. I knew those .50's were a steal the other day. Anybody ever played it, or have any thought's?


    Hope everyone has a great Friday and Mothers' Day Weekend!!!

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