Wasn't it Kenny Rogers with the song "Know when to holdem?".................. I went all out yesterday after riding this roller coaster for 5 years, and even though I left several thousand in profit on the table based on today's price, I feel a tremendous weight off my shoulders. I'm not complaining nor am I looking back. Now, all I want is for some correctional dips in a few other quality stocks in my watch list so I can put my new dry powder back to work.

I thirst for the more stable but gradual growth in my portfolio now, rather than the daily pit in my gut as MMs seem to get their cookies off watching SIRI investors bitch, complain, and gripe about the instability and uncertainty in their baby.

I'm not leaving this neighborhood of friendly and like-minded individuals, so just because I'm rid of SIRI does not mean I plan to go away. Good luck to those of you who continue to ride this train, and those who have hitched on to some of those "green" stocks.