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Thread: FAT Tuesday

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    hey guys...why all the griping SP of sirius is at 3.22

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    switchflare is offline we're talking but I won't be excited unless we break through 3.25. The gripe is because we know the SP is being suppressed. Everything points to SIRI being caged until they're done with buybacks. There are better opportunities out there than a rollercoaster that gets off at the same spot you entered.

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    Over the past two years most have been saying the SIRI SP has been suppressed for a whole number of reasons. Yet the SP has gone from $1 to over $3. I agree with the suppression thinking but heck I'll will take this appreciation. I guess it all depends whether you are a trader or holding long term and what your time horizons are. In my case, I can take the long view. GLTA. In any event, a good day for us.

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    With so many opportunities out there, it's about the short term for me these days. We were just turned away at 3.25 again. We'll break through 3.25 eventually, but not likely in the short term unless we get a surprise announcement.

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    Hi Switch, I agree with you that SIRI will break through the 3.25 ceiling someday. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Yes there seem to be other good short-term opportunities. Which ones are you looking at? I took some SIRI profits today at 3.20. and am looking for those other opportunities. Thanks.

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    What a sweet deal the new CEO Meyer got today....good for him, not so good for us shareholders....unless he kicks SIRI into high gear.

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    ONVO spiking BIG again........any news??

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    haven't listened to the CC -- don't know if I will, even -- hell, I don't even know the sp from day to day - limh

    anyway -- interesting spike to the $3.25 -- I'm reminded of the spring of 2011 -- there was a bit of a fake that came as a surprise to me -- which was my biggest wake up call with SIRI -- got my ass served & it took me the better part of the year to make up the profits that were missed by the run -- still made my money...just took me longer to get there


    having fun living life -- don't forget to get some fresh air from time to time

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    I don't know about everyone else here, but with the major markets now into record highs, once profits have been taken off the table I believe patience is the operative word and attitude. In other words, now is not the time to go shopping for a bargain. I offer as an alternative a reminder to re-focus on lessons taught in that little book we discussed a few months ago "Stikky Stock Charts".

    Now with ample dry powder this is the time to begin the search for our next investment target(s) and a little chart work at is a great place to start. That is where I personally have developed my list of future potential opportunities. Bear in mind that with the aid of that charting tool it is a simple task to chart the upper and lower trend lines as taught by that book, and to that you add the Bollinger Bands, 50/200 dma plots, and where appropriate, use the Fibonacci Retracement tool. With all those tools in my kit of tricks, I have the following list of candidates to keep an eye on, and be ready to make a decision when the price dips to the indicated level (at or near the lower trend line):
    AMD (2.35), AMT (76), BAC (11.50), BBRY (13.50), CADX (5.75), DDD (30), FSLR (40.50), GMCR (50), HLS (25.75), RCL (32.50), SBUX (57), THC (41), and ZLC (3.80)

    Spend a little time in the charts and let them help with your list. Don't get greedy, and by all means, be patient especially while this market is soaring through the clouds. Opportunity will come, and when it does, you must be able to recognize it and take fullest advantage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by denco1 View Post
    ONVO spiking BIG again........any news??
    NADA, volume up last two days, I have to sell into this strength, and hope to buy back lower.

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