OK--I've had a Sportster 4 for a LONG time--got it when the model first came out as a birthday present. Some of the buttons no longer work, and the display is tough to read in sunlight just due to LCD wear & tear. The remote for it also gave up the ghost...so I'm looking to upgrade.

I've looked at some of the options on tss-radio and on SiriusXM's website, and I've pretty much narrowed down my choices to either the SiriusXM Edge, or the Starmate 8. I like the looks/options on both.

My decision is made tougher by the fact that I'd like to replace ONLY the actual receiver, and none of the power/antenna cabling. It was a real PITA to run the antenna cabling in my 2005 Subaru Legacy, and I'd like to mess with that as little as possible. I currently have the old SUPV1 Kit in my car.

My questions are as follows:

1) Can I simply use either of the new receivers with my current setup as-is, or do I need to replace the actual docking point as well?

2) If I can't use the old SUPV1 Kit's dock, can I replace the dock ONLY and put the PowerConnect dock in it's place, but still use the wiring from the SUPV1 Kit?

3) Any guidance as to the Edge vs the Starmate 8?

Thanks in advance for any input.