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Thread: SIRI Daily Thread 4.24.2013 - Law 20 Wednesday!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiriusBuzz View Post
    I was looking for a place to buy back into MJNA but that one seems to be on a constant downward spiral. I guess Ill just sit back and wait for some manipulation or good green news.

    I day traded it today .195 to .220, 150k shares, in and out, couple k profit. Figured under .20 would attract buyers and it did. Nice to be right for once, been pretty wrong for quite a while lately on Med Mar. Getting near bottom I hope, but I would not bank on it. I do like those more abrupt drops to buy on in general. Just cant get greedy, get the heck out when you can.
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    Quote Originally Posted by siriusly_invested View Post
    Congrats Rad, nice to know you had the gonads to hold-em even during that spike performance a couple weeks ago. Even if you have only a hundred shares, your gains have been near $2K in less than a month. That ain't too shabby in my books.

    I had accumulated up to 1000 shares, and held on through that 44% spike..... but then i got greedy and placed a $3 trailing stop which activated almost immediately, took me out for a 29% gain and left me breathless while I looked helplessly for a new enty point for more accumulation. So far, that hasn't happened, and based on a news article this morning, I think it continues onward and upward from here........ but I'm not confident enough to jump in while in steep ascent.............. There has to be a correctional dip somewhwere along the line soon.

    Just dumb luck, did not sell earlier because I was not watching closely enough, would have if I was. So, being stupid paid off. THAT is dumb luck, the definition of. LOL

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    $3.20 by Friday, then depending on what's said Monday, we either spike to a new level, or be prepared for a pullback because $3.20 is out of the upper BB. Any short is a pure retard at this moment, and that can only be great for us bulls increasing the pressure on them to cover momentarily until they have the sense of safety to re-open a position. The truth be told, what kind of father would set his son up to fail, there's a new Doctor in the house, and I'm sure he's drooling to operate. GLA

    Buzz, can't upload images anymore, videos work tho

    Edit: well it seems it's just one picture, never uploads, I can still posts charts

    Think I'm getting the fever...
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    Redcloud's.... Rule of investing 597: Beware of cockroaches, they only come out when the sun is setting.
    Redcloud's.... Rule of investing 598: Study cockroach behavior, and use it to your advantage!!!
    Redcloud's.... Rule of investing 599: Your effort and attitude will dictate the level of your success.
    Redcloud's.... Rule of investing 600: Buy FEAR and Uncertainty!!!
    Redcloud's.... Rule of investing 601: Sell Euphoria!!!

    Thanks for keeping the board going Midas, it wouldn't let me leave U +rep man. So I guess I'll have to leave it here. I think what's happened is everyone has went out on different ventures since everyone has been talking about different positions their in and have had their azzes handed to them on a silver platter. Can't say that I haven't. Sometimes it's best to let lying dogs lie or put them to sleep. Siri has done pretty much what I have been anticipating so I have never been concerned. That's why, when the chips are down, I rely on old faithful, and have always got my hand in that cookie jar. Imo
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redcloud View Post
    Edit: well it seems it's just one picture, never uploads, I can still posts charts
    Is there an error message? Is the file large in size? Is it a strange file type?
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