So, I've had Sirius radio for about 2 years. I bought the Sportster 5 (I think) and installed a vehicle kit myself. Pretty basic, antenna on the top back of the car, ran the wire to the stereo, and it worked great. I have had the same job this whole time, and the same ride to and from work. I have never, ever, lost satellite signal during those two years no matter where I went except for inside some tunnels.

Now, I bought a new car, and wanted a new unit, so I purchased a Lynx and its vehicle kit. Again, antenna on the top back of the car, ran the wire, and it worked. However, I keep losing signal on the ride to work in the same spots. I understand I live in a mountainous region, but why would one unit never once give me an issue, and this new unit craps out consistently?

Has anyone else experienced something like this, or perhaps have any tips or suggestions? Thanks!