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Thread: Need Receiver Options

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    Need Receiver Options

    I have had a Sirius Sportster for about six years and it finally died. I need a new receiver, the issue is that I have a bracket mount in my car already and don't know if all the new radios would fit. I went to Best Buy today and they have only one radio (since I am a Sirius-only lifetime subscriber), the Starmate 8, for $139.99. The guy working there was nice enough to take it out of the box and connect it to make sure it was compatible and it was.

    What are my other options? I don't want anything fancy - just one that has presets. Is there a reputable place to buy older models of radios?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Your options are pretty limited as far as plug and play goes but, if you do decide to go with the Starmate 8 it is a bit cheaper on Amazon.

    Your other option is the old Stratus or looking for something good on eBay. I have never had a problem using eBay with reputable sellers with a history of multiple positive transactions.

    I actually have an old Sportster kicking around somewhere that I only used for a year if you want it for whatever the going rate is... I have no idea what its worth. What version did you have? I have to check to see if mine was a 4 or a 5.
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    Thanks, I believe it is a Sportster 2. I decided to call Product Support (got annoyed with them over the weekend) - supposedly I can use any Sirius-specific radio. I guess I'll ask around and see if any of my friends have an old one laying around, if not eBay would work for me.

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