Since the latest version (2.5) of the SiriusXM iOS app was released a number of people have reported constant random crashes via twitter, email, and even in the comments of some articles but, there doesn't seem to be a centralized place to discuss what is going on.

My hope is that those people experiencing issues will find this thread and we can exchange some notes on what might be causing it.

For me, I am using an iPad3 and after uninstalling and reinstalling the App I am still seeing 3-6 crashes per day where the App completely closes out. To make matters worse, there is no logged event of this crash so there is nothing for me to pass on to SiriusXM's support.

If you have been having crashes issues, as so many people have (see the most recent iTunes reviews), please let us know what device you're using, how often it happens, what happens, and if there is a log of the crash event stored on your device.

Thank you all.