Red...way too much information on Dr Malone...the name says it all!!! hahaha


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Interesting.....sounds like a real smart guy.

Position, Principal Occupation, Business Experience and Directorships

Evan D. Malone
Dr. Malone has served as President of NextFab Studio, LLC, a high-tech workshop offering technical training, consulting, and product design and prototyping services, since June 2009 and has been an engineering consultant for more than the past five years. Since January 2008, Dr. Malone has served as the owner and manager of a real estate property and management company, 1525 South Street LLC. During 2008, Dr. Malone also served as a post-doctoral research assistant at Cornell University and an engineering consultant with Rich Food Products, a food processing company. Dr. Malone has served as co-owner and director of Drive Passion PC Services, CC, an Internet café, telecommunications and document services company, in South Africa since 2007 and served as an applied physics technician for Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, part of the national laboratory system of the Office of Science, U.S. Department of Energy, from 1999 until 2001. He also is a founding member of Jet Wine Bar, LLC, a start-up company in Philadelphia, which began operations in 2010. Dr. Malone has served as a director of Liberty Media Corporation (formerly known as Liberty Spinco, Inc.) since January 2013. He previously served as a director of Liberty Media Corporation (now known as Starz) from September 2011 until January 2013. Dr. Malone has served as a director of Liberty Interactive Corporation since August 2008.

Key Attributes, Experience and Skills:

Dr. Malone brings an applied science and engineering perspective to the board. Dr. Malone’s perspectives will assist the board in developing business strategies and adapting to technological changes facing the audio entertainment industry. In addition, his entrepreneurial experience will assist the board in evaluating strategic opportunities in existing, new and emerging technologies.

I don't know if any of you has investigated who is in the mix to be on our BOD this go around, but they are trying to put together a team that I can only describe as a Powerhouse.