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Thread: Thursday 4.11.2013 - Dow 15K Thursday!

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    Thursday 4.11.2013 - Dow 15K Thursday!

    Law 13
    When Asking for Help, Appeal to People’s Self-Interest, Never to their Mercy or Gratitude
    If you need to turn to an ally for help, do not bother to remind him of your past assistance and good deeds. He will find a way to ignore you. Instead, uncover something in your request, or in your alliance with him, that will benefit him, and emphasize it out of all proportion. He will respond enthusiastically when he sees something to be gained for himself.

    Happy Trading!

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    Medical Marijuana Inc. Reports Record First Quarter 2013 Revenue and Income

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    I guess those 2.95s I got the other day at the open when I had a limit buy at 2.97 were a good buy.

    This ride up looks exactly the same as the last ride to 3.25. Wonder if it will hit the wall or bust through?

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    Maffei on cnbc now

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    Maffei says, we are close to choosing a new CEO FOR SIRIUS XM

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    Looks like Sirius XM is stepping up it's offer to attract old customers. Check out the latest email that I received today.


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    Quote: "Mr. Maffei, asked in the CNBC interview whether Sirius could be spun off, said it "might make sense" for the company to be independent."

    As of today, for the last 5 years Siri has moved up approx. 15 cents in one of the first two weeks of April, add that up with all the overwhelming buy signals as of late last week, and you get $3.15 by the end of this week. Here's to DD and nuts, I mean guts. GLA

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    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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