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I bought some more MJNA when we broke .25 yesterday. Seems like I jumped the gun.... I only have small $$s in it though since it is basically a coin flip at this point. May make one more buy if it drops substantially in the coming days/weeks and then just wait for a pop to flip and hold a small core position long term.

The green's are all over the place, most going up last few days after a long trickle down and MJNA is bucking the trend dropping significantly today, 9% on no news. I think it is attractive, but I have enough of it and no cash to play with at this time. I think it will bounce before the end of the day and reverse the trend. If I had cash I would buy more. NTRR also dropped big time today, finally, hitting 2$ ( it was $1.35 when it started to run up to $6 on Med Mar news) and may be a potential buy as well

When Eric Holder, the Attn Gen finally makes a statement he said would be "soon" more than a month ago, I cannot see him going after the 20 states that have approved Med Mar or the two that have legalized recreational use with such a tide of suport among the majority of the population. If and when that comes and it will be soon, the upside is significant, should be like Feb all over gain with doubling of stock prices, in my humble opinion, and I am positioning myself to take advantage of that. Yes you may loose some, but you may gain a lot more. Risk and opportunity, they go hand in hand.