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Thread: WTF. Wed 4/3/13

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    WTF. Wed 4/3/13

    Where is everyone? 9:30 am and Siri volume 35mil and no posts.

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    p.s. I am here just a little behind. heading to home depot. BBL

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    For the sake of keeping the thread going... let's get some posts about what people think about the economy, what stocks your investing in, etc... I am game to learn about anything at this point. So please feel free to post in my opinion.

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    I'm game. I jumped in big this morning on NIHD. It's a stock I've been following for over a year now and I think it's in the process of righting the ship with its current CEO (he might be interim) who took this company to lofty places in the past. They are beginning to sell some assets starting with Peru but looking to continue in Chile and Argentina.

    Unfortunately for me, I was really eyeing the stock this past week as it was closing in on $4/shr...but oh well missed the boat. I think this company just bounced or at least that is what I am hoping for.

    I wish I had followed my own advice and shorted RAD a few days back when I mentioned may be time to buy now.

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    Here guys, busy at work but checking in when I get a chance. SIRI is pissing me off so is the market.......what else is new. Waiting for the Sub #s for a hopeful break from this consolidation. If we don't get them early then we will probably stay in this range, $3 - $3.15 until the run up into CC.

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    Mel isn't running this company any longer. I'm thinking the days of "Selling" this stock as heavily as he did are a thing of the past. I'm not betting on a "sub-announcement" unless it comes at some speaking opportunity soon.

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