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I doubt they will pay him anything. They'd rather pay a lawyer a few grand than someone who is trying to extort a domain name.
If the guy is trying to extort (you assume he is going to try and bully a corporation?), then I agree but, I am sure they will just make him an offer right off the bat and if he is smart, he would take it. Unless his legal name happens to be Sirius Xm

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If there a difference between squatting on a corporate name, and squatting on someone's personal name? The reason I ask is because I thought I remembered something like someone picked up LebronJames.com while he was still in high school and then sold it to him after the fact. Is it because a corporate name is trademarked?
There is a legal difference but I am not sure what it is as the result is the same now. Unless that guys name was Lebron James he would lose that domain in court as it stands today (this was not the case a few years ago).