Here are a couple of "new additions" to my personal watchlist. Thought I'd share why I see them as potential investments.

Last week I discovered that my Primary Care Physician for the past 29 years was recently "bought out" by Tenet Health Care, with Tenet responsible for all of his office operations and personnel, including the fact that he is now on salary with Tenet. When asked if this is a hedge against upcoming risks promoted by Obama Care, he nodded "yes" and added commentary of additional logic as to why he chose to go that way.

Well, I took a look at the charts for TENET (THC) over the past few months, and ………… it's SP has almost doubled in 6 months to $48, so there must be a positive kick from somewhere.

Additionally, HLS (Health South) has been a stock I’ve played for many years off and on. It too has made a strong move (from 20 to 27) since the election. There must be a reason those two Health-related stocks are moving so well, so maybe it is time to give them a closer look.

I see THC now extremely overbought, and HLS not far behind. I'm thinking there might be a reason and an opportunity to enter a position in one or both of these in the near future.

Tenet owns and manages hospitals across the nation, and obviously is now in the business of acquiring and managing medical services. Health South primarily is in the Rehab service providing business.

DYODD and be wise in your decisions.