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Thread: Thursday 3.28.13

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    Quote Originally Posted by switchflare View Post
    BBRY is a good short term trade but nothing more. Their quarter was buoyed by BB10 but it's not enough to keep them in the hunt as a major mobile player. Their eventual path is closer to NOK than AAPL.

    Well that's good cus all I do is trade. Holding is losing. Months ago my friend was boasting about his AAPL stock and it had just topped at $700. He got in around $450. I asked him when he was gona sell. Looked at me like I was nutty....".I'm holding man!" he says. We all know how that ended.

    Everything's a trade.

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    I wonder if we should continue the monthly share price guessing game or if no one cares? If not, lets come up with something new to play. Anyone have any ideas?
    Charles LaRocca
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    Cool Possiblities RISK

    Quote Originally Posted by siriusly_invested View Post
    Talk about a confused market........... I started the week fearful of a pullback in some of my holdings. Sure enough, it began to look that way, so I took profits and decided to sit back and wait for the dips. Wouldn't you know however, that in my entire list of potential "buys", the trend reversed and those dips have yet to materialize. So while I wait for those choices, I went prospecting for some new culprits. Here are a few to keep an eye on imho: CADX, PMD, and ZBB............. that last one, while trading well under a buck, is listed on AMEX (as opposed to many other pennies), and has an attractive gap in the area of 38 cents which may prove to be a fortuitous entry in the near future. ZBB manufactures storage batteries for the solar industry, and with apparent budding interest in that industry (ref: FSLR which will soon rebound), it is forecast to soon take off. Consequently, I lay in wait in the gap with several bids between .34 and .38. Time will tell.

    PS. Denco, I hate to say it, but looks like the Spurs are off the hook as regards my projection yesterday about them having the opportunity to be #30 in the Heat's winning streak. Still ought to be a great game between the two on Sunday.
    I just spent close to an hour examining ZBB! RISK!! Yet I decided to put in orders to buy if the gap fulls. I'm confident with my luck I'll buy as it's going down due to dilution in the number of shares. The technology is WOW the question is can they figure how to sell the technology to customers in significant quantity to make a profit? Their funding ability for the next several years is taken care of through an agreement to issue more stock AS the company determines. In other words if they can have a gross profit on goods sold it will reduce their need for dilution. I don't expect the company to be profitable for years to come.

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    Hats Off to JohnnyBBQ for his $3.07... looks like a winner to me.

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    I wonder if he will grace us for his reps.
    Charles LaRocca
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    Midas...Denco. Laredo used to be a beer... cheap OTC meds...great little bars...bartering for merchandise!!!

    Midas. Live near Churchill HS!!

    Sly...Lebron is a Cry-Baby!! . Parker gets hammered on almost every drive to the bucket! Don't hear him or the Spurs whining about it! Hahaha


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    JS... I live over off 1604/Bulverde Rd. You are not too far away. I used to love over by Bitters and Blanco.

    p.s. check your inbox here

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    A lot of Texas on this board! I'm in Houston. Wasn't across border when it was semi-safe called Boys Town? I used to have oil industry buddy's party there all the time but now they have to go with personal security when they go for business.

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