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Thread: Monday, 03/25/13, End of Quarter, Glenn Beck, Good auto numbers, what's next?

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    Greetings guys. I'm a bit late arriving today due to the fact that we have a PGA golf tournament on TV (making up for yesterday's rain out), so my attention is quite divided.

    Regarding the comment about Nokia, I am reminded from a month or so ago a published article which listed the stocks where Apple investors decided to park funds they recently took out of th emarket. Among the recommendations were Nokia, Blackberry, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, FSLR, DDD, BAC, and a couple others which escape me. Personal experience is that those were all pretty good picks as I took notice and picked up some in each of those equities. Ironically, I got scared out of NOKIA early in that game, then the same happend with BBRY. If Nokia is coming back, then I'm not surprised, as all others in that list have done primarily the same (minus some bumbs and grinds with DDD and FSLR). Maybe Nokia is one to put back on the watchlist.

    EDIT: PS. I did a little chart peek since my update, above. As illustrated below, I personally see no incentive to get excited about NOKIA. Even if it should bounce off the lower trend line at or near $3.12, the growth potential on the rebound is quite slim in what I see as a descending motion. As I look at a couple others on that list, I see BBRY descending upon the lower trend line, and if we see a rebound from there, then I believe that represents a good purchase opportunity. GMCR has recently rebounded off the upper trend line after a very productive upward movement. I'll personally monitor for a few days to see if it continues its move to that lower trend line, and the hopeful rebound upwards. This strategy and recent "bounces" have proven to be quite advantagous for me. I'm hopeful for a repeat performance.
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