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Thread: Friday, 03/22/13, The Uptrend begins! Hang on the ride will be fun!

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    For those interested in green stocks Washington state hires pot adviser. cnn is reporting right now............. consultants to help set up market. Group will help regulate marijuana.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spoons View Post
    I'm also looking over real estate at the moment...looking for some bargains. Anybody else looking at real property?
    Im always looking but the market is so crowded around Boston that a deal is hard to find. Guys with cash looking to get in just drive prices up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pjgourley View Post
    @sparky, somebody said that he had some family health issues that he was attending to. I hope all is well.
    Thanks PJ, I hope all is well too

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    Quote Originally Posted by pjgourley View Post
    @spoons, are you talking about hard assets or reits? i would like to buy a farm and possibly a few foreclosures. When this bubble bust and inflation hits, land will be the best bet imho
    Real property is what I was referring to. Curious from others what are the best financing terms you are seeing? In addition to residential, I'm now looking into commercial pops too. If anyone has any experience with commercial real estate and want to share your experiences please contact me.

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    I am not sure if philly post here or not, but he is into real estate. i know i refinanced my house this past August for 15 years at 2.75% and I took equity out. what a deal

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    Donald Trump is telling get into real estate now and to thank him later for telling you too.

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