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Thread: Friday, 03/22/13, The Uptrend begins! Hang on the ride will be fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiriusBuzz View Post
    I tend to agree. I would love to hear from the members who have gone missing. Did they go somewhere else or are they done trading SIRI? No hard feelings, Im just curious.

    Its starting to look like my AAPL at $420 was a good buy. Are you still holding Denco? I could have sworn you picked some up in the 420-430 area.
    I did pick up some AAPL at 426 and at exactly 419 in AH a couple of weeks back if you can believe that. Then I sold half my position at 429 ish about 10 days ago right before it popped up. Still holding half the position and waiting for a pullback to enter a larger position. If I had not been preoccupied with other losing holdings I would have gone much bigger AAPL at the time. I am trying to get out of a few right now and cosolidate a bit into 3 or 4 stocks.
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