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Thread: Lets Get Sirius!

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    Lets Get Sirius!

    Guys Lets
    get Sirius!
    Aug 17 04:30 PM
    EVERYONE WHO HOLDS SHARES,, JUST BUY A SUBSCRIPTION TO SIRIUS XM... I have been putting bumper stickers on my car and advertising for them as well (FOR FREE) The more subscriptions they get eventually the stock will reflect that which would move it up. Ask ur friends to get subscriptions too! I have lost allot of money in this stock and I just want to break even! I will do whatever it takes! So buy some subscriptions!

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    Tony you aren't broadening your audience when you spam three separate threads in the same forum. It's getting viewed by the same people... three times. This one thread would have been enough.

    Not only will I encourage people to cancel their satellite radio service, I will start slashing tires and snapping antennas until people get the message.

    Nah, but seriously. Just keep that in mind next time around. Welcome to the forums.

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    Retail buyers waiting in the wings

    I just wanna say that I am holding out for the latest manifestation of SIRI XM. I will be in the market for a retail radio for home or portable use. I am not in the market for a new car. My 62 Studebaker still runs fine. IMHO, there are thousands of people like me that have been waiting to see what the merger willl bring before they jump in and subscribe. Thousands. Retail will begin to take off coming this October. Cramer is a tool.

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