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Thread: Thursday 03/21/13, Up, Down, or Sideways

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    Kind of slowing going into option expiration. Any thoughts where we are heading?

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    I think options exp was last friday. Third Friday of the month, no?

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    Yup and tomorrow is the 3rd Friday. Or was it last Friday?

    Edit: You're right.

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    The Stars are aligning

    Bear in submission.jpg

    Bend over Bears!!!
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    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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    Am always at work during day and difficult to post, but thanks to all that do post. I find all info very helpful. You guys are the best!!

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    heya Peej

    have a look back on my profile -- previous chart remains relatively intact...

    Quote Originally Posted by pjgourley View Post
    Where have you been HB, I miss your post and your charts

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    Yeah Timbo, PJ thinks everyones's sleeping, I think some are hibernating? But it has been a ghost town!!! I'm the one playing the piano!!!

    ghost town.jpg
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    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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    Make cash money tomorrow!!! Anybody want some $2.91's? Sucks to be you!!! I'm playin....GLA
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    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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    Disclosure: Bought 10k CBIS, HEMP, PHOT, and 35k MJNA today. Holding 309 contracts May Siri $2.50 calls for short term, not counting my 2014 Jan calls, $1.00, $3 strikes, + core of hard shares Long. My Gat is loaded, with dry powder for the beocthes!!! Bring it!!! I'm a biased Mutherfucher!!!

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    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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