I'm looking to buy a Sirius or XM radio with a lifetime sub. There are always a bunch of them on Ebay, but the sellers always say they have no "proof" of the lifetime. Most of them claim that they have had the radio for "years" and that it has always worked. There is one guy who sells several "lifetime" sirius radios every month. I'm wondering if a person could just pick up used radios for $20.00 here and there, put a month by month subscription on them, and then sell them on Ebay for $400.00 (or whatever people will pay)? Then after a month or so the radio would go dead, and since Ebay and Paypal have very limited amounts of time to file a claim against a seller the buyer would just be screwed.
I've always been told that if you try to contact Sirius about a radio having a lifetime sub and you give them the radio ID number but don't have the associated account info they will shut it off. Maybe someone can verify that for me? But I also wondered if anyone knows how long of a "grace" period Sirius gives people when their sub expires before they shut it off? I do already have a lifetime sub on a boombox radio so I know about the transfer rules and such. But again, most if not all of the Ebay sellers don't have the account info to transfer it...
Bottom line is that I'd like to buy a lifetime sub radio, but don't want to pay $400.00 for a $20.00 radio that will go "dead" in a month, and am hoping that some of you might know some of this stuff and have some good advice!
Thanks in advance for any suggestions or info!!